Ickenham Green Allotements

Along with many other members of the community, I was recently made aware of the plans HS2 and Thames Water have to redirect the sewer by the Greenway in Ickenham. This is going to have a serious impact on the allotment site and has come as a shock to everyone who will be affected. It is sad that the public communication and consultation has been so poor. 

This site is incredibly valuable to those who use it and has been lovingly cared for over many years. The proposal that is currently being circulated involves the complete takeover and effective destruction of the site until March 2022. 

HS2 and Thame Water have so far assured plot holders that the site will be reinstated, as close as possible, to the condition that it was taken over in. Detailed surveys will be undertaken in consultation with plot holders. While this news is welcome, there are sadly some features that it will not be possible to save such as specific soil compositions and existing trees. 

This is a case which I shall follow closely and have already requested meetings with HS2 and Andrew Stephenson, Minister and the DfT.



Thames Water Meeting at Ickenham Green

It is disappointing that we are still lacking in a final plan with regards to the sewer diversion at Ickenham Green and so I met with the team to discuss their plans in more detail.

Sewer Diversion Review

I am pleased to hear that HS2 and Thames Water have now completed their review with regards to the sewer diversion at Ickenham. 

Meeting with Andrew Stephenson

Just before Christmas I met with representatives from HS2 and Thames Water to discuss the sewer diversion works being planned at the Ickenham Green Allotment.