Highspeed Broadband

I hear from constituents daily about a range of issues and concerns. One that is raised very often is the importance of having access to highspeed broadband. If we have learnt anything from the pandemic, it is that broadband is an essential component of modern life and it is a mistake to think that it is an issue that impacts only rural communities. I hear from business owners who rely on superfast broadband to keep their businesses running, from remote workers who need it to be able to carry out their jobs effectively from home, and from parents of children for whom good broadband connection and internet access has been vital in enabling them to continue their education at home. 

I do know just how important this issue is and I will continue to work with government and providers to ensure that highspeed broadband is widely accessible to residents in Ruislip, Northwood and Pinner. 


Openreach Virtual Roundtable

I am aware of just how important access to highspeed broadband is for residents and so I was pleased to be able to join a virtual roundtable with the CEO of Openreach this week.